Lumber prices rising.


Did you know that the nationwide average load of lumber has increased more than 60% in the past year? This means that right now, many homes are priced above $500 per thousand board feet. So where do these rising prices leave you, the potential homebuyer?

The Beechen & Dill Homes team wants you to know about these impending price increases so that you can make a smart decision today to positively impact your future. Our gorgeous floor plans are ideal living spaces for families of all sizes, and are priced extremely well — but costs will inevitably rise in the future.


If you come by today to lock in your price, you’ll have your dream home for none other than your dream price.


New Home


In today’s housing market, your best bet is taking the leap when the best opportunity presents itself, and Beechen & Dill Homes has that opportunity ready for you. Today’s the day to lock in your price and buy the home of your dreams! We have 4 spectacular move-in ready homes available now, ranging from the high-$400’s to the high-$500’s, complete with features like master bathrooms, spacious basements, stainless steel appliances, and so much more!

Beechen & Dill Homes is dedicated to creating stunning, spacious homes with top-notch,  energy-efficient materials and designing and building features that reflect your lifestyle. Not to mention, our team is always ready to go the extra mile to make the entire journey as stress-free as possible. That being said, we’re on hand at all times to walk you through any questions you may have!

To learn more about how the Beechen & Dill Homes difference can impact your life, please visit our website, or call us at 630-920-9430. We look forward to making your dream home a reality!