Solid, continuous wall colors can make a room seem larger, but too much of the same muted tone can make your décor fall flat. Neutral shades will give you a lot of flexibility as you choose how to decorate the room, but too much of it can make the space feel cold and uninspiring. The beauty of neutral colors is your ability to mix and match any style, so here are some ways to ensure you’ll never hear the word “boring” describe your home!

10478985_10153518811297813_9173891446022112029_o-480x320Try Layering. You can still create a peaceful ambiance without using all the same color. Utilize different tones of beige, cream or grey, for walls, drapery and furniture to create more depth and versatility. Likewise, choosing all the same fabrics will make the room fall flat, while drapes on a wall of the same color will stand out much more if that wall is paneled or textured.

Emphasize Architectural Details. The architecture of your home could present a lot of character and individuality on its own. Highlight rustic exposed wood framing or painted wood walls & ceilings. Allow unique molding and built-in shelves and cabinetry to become focal points of the room.

Play with Accent Colors. Whether it’s one or two furniture pieces that make a bold statement, or little pops of color throughout small, personal touches, these additions can make all the difference! Just remember that the vibrancy of color is amplified against a neutral background, so choose wisely.

Define with Accessories. When going for an earthy feel, a shiny metal side table or wood-framed chairs are nice touches, while faux fur rugs or cow-hide throws can accomplish a totally different look. Or simply mix prints and patterns in pillows or wall hangings for a more subtle, but unique touch. The possibilities are endless.

13876633_10154377902722813_1910082228745894654_n-480x320Let Nature In. If tranquility is what you’re aiming for with your neutral room, plants are the perfect way to achieve just that while adding interest and color to your overall scheme. Small houseplants are great, but large planters with jungle-like greens and twigs improve the mood and purity of the whole room.

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