Every home starts as a floor plan printed on a set of blueprints. Unfortunately, getting a sense for the way the finished home will look and feel is a challenge when you only have shapes and dimensions to looks at. That is why Beechen and Dill Homes is pleased to offer any client exploring the option of new home construction access to advanced 3D architectural rendering. It is now possible to see exactly what the new construction will look like long before the work ever starts.


3D rendering of our client’s home before construction began.

Bring Your Floor Plan to Life

Our process uses the floor plans you have approved to build photo-realistic 3D pictures of what the home will look like when it’s fully complete. That way, if any details strike you as off, you can make changes to them while there is plenty of time to make changes and let your imagination run wild. This process makes the new home construction process even more exciting and helps our valued clients receive the exact home of their dreams.

Don’t Miss a Single Detail

Our 3D architectural rendering incorporates all the details that matter most. Our team of artists starts with your own floor plans and then builds your new home from the ground up. They incorporate all the interior and exterior features and even your actual paint colors. The 3D modeled home is then positioned on your actual lot site so you can see your home in the context of the whole neighborhood. This is the most accurate way to picture what your home will look like in real life while it still only exists on paper.

Beechen and Dill Homes: Finding a Better Way to Build

We have pioneered the use of 3D architectural rendering in new home constructions to better help our clients. There is no longer any guess work involved when building a home. If you are thinking of building something of your own, make sure you see a 3D architectural rendering first. Contact Beechen and Dill Homes, and make your dreams a reality.


Photograph of our client’s home after construction.