Environments for Living

At Beechen & Dill Homes, we don’t just create living spaces — we create one-of-a-kind homes that make your life more comfortable, livable, and efficient than ever before. Honored with Diamond Level Excellence by Environments For Living®, a turn-key program dedicated to helping builders construct energy-efficient homes, Beechen & Dill Homes is a “green-minded” family you can trust to build the most extraordinary home possible.

Energy-efficient construction not only cuts your utility bills, but provides you and your family with the greatest comfort and highest quality of living. In an energy-efficient Beechen & Dill home, for example, you’ll find that our Low-E windows — with argon gas and protective coatings — keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer, so gone are the days of seasonal discomfort (and fighting with the thermostat).

During Green Week, our team has highlighted the many ways that our homes keep you feeling great while helping to save the environment. Now more than ever, smart practices impact our lives… as well as how we’ll live in the future. Through tight construction, Low-E windows, and improved thermal systems, our homes do their part to keep us all happy, healthy, and safe. What else would you want for your family?


All of our energy-efficient features work collectively to improve indoor environmental quality, as well as increase durability. When you live in one of our homes, you get to wake up and take in a breath of fresh air (literally). Not to mention, when you spend less on your monthly utility bills, you get to allocate these funds toward things that matter, as opposed to a waste of energy. At Beechen & Dill Homes, “waste” is a thing of the past.

For more information on our energy-efficient practices, and how we guarantee only the best of the best for you and your family, please visit our website. We can’t wait for you to experience the exceptional life that awaits in a Beechen & Dill home!