How To Incorporate The 2018 Color Of The Year Into Your Décor

How To Incorporate The 2018 Color Of The Year Into Your Décor


Pantone has officially crowned Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year, and it’s certainly a bold choice! Here are some tips for integrating this fashion forward color into your very own Beechen & Dill home!

  • Set a tone. Colors can range from soft pastels to rich jewel tones to bright, primary shades. The key to using color well is that it should flow, not be a patchwork of conflicting tones. Before you choose something as bold as Ultra Violet, decide how (or if) it meshes with your current color palette or decorating scheme.
  • Don’t be afraid. If you really love a bold shade, go ahead and use it. Just figure out how much of it you are comfortable with. What level of intensity do you want? A whole room? One wall? An area rug, curtains or pillows?
  • Think smaller. Powder rooms are a great place to experiment with a bold color like Ultra Violet. Create your own little jewel box of a room with intensely hued walls or towels or other accessories. 
  • Keep your home’s exterior quiet. Painting your home an attention-grabbing color like purple could make you the neighborhood pariah. If you really love this vibrant color, try painting your front door or incorporating it in your pots and plantings.
  • Create balance. If you choose a provocative palette, remember to ground the vibrant colors and balance them by adding a rich chocolate, black or peacock blue.

Now that you have some expert decorating tips, it’s time to go Ultra Violet in your new Beechen & Dill home!

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