boulderboy-300x240Here at Beechen & Dill Homes, we pride ourselves on building high-quality homesusing cutting-edge home design ideas and your personal needs. Many of today’s homes can seem too similar or bland, which is the opposite of what Beechen & Dill Homes stands for. Many times that’s because there are these “rules” people follow, perhaps without really knowing why. To help you get some bold ideas for your home, we are going to debunk some common home design myths.

Myth #1: Dark Paint Will Make a Room Feel Smaller

In reality, it is contrast, not color, that affects how large or small a room can feel. Rooms painted all the same color, even if that paint is dark, can often feel larger than rooms painted with multiple color shades. As our eyes tend to move from darker colors to lighter ones, interest and depth can be created by color.

Myth #2: Trims and Ceilings Should be White

Trims and ceilings can be white, but they don’t have to be. Ceilings of a darker color can bring attention to other design aspects in the room, whether that is furniture or décor. Colored trim can also add dimension to a space.

Myth #3: Certain Colors are Taboo or Gender Specific

There is no such thing as a taboo color. Pink is no longer just for girls, and blue is no longer just for boys! At Beechen & Dill Homes, we believe that good design is what causes a color to “work.”

Myth #4: The Color Palette Should be the Same Throughout the House

It certainly is helpful to pay attention to the continuity between adjacent spaces. However, the color palette does not have to be the same to give the house a sense of “flow.”

Myth #5: Matching Décor is Important

Not everything needs to match for your room to look well designed and put together. What we recommend is the décor and furniture pieces you choose need to visually balance one another. This is more important than choosing pieces all of a same style or from the same period. Coordinate for a look that is cohesive, not necessarily rigidly similar.

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