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Kitchen Color Trends: Brightening Up 2024 Homes

February 9, 2024

Kitchen design styles are moving away from all-white kitchens towards natural, organic colors in rich hues with bold accents. Incorporate two-tone cabinetry for added color or contrast, combining complimentary shades to enhance your kitchen's aesthetic. Natural wood finishes can bring a sense of nature indoors, complementing the holistic theme; and even black cabinetry is gaining popularity in kitchens, offering an unexpected juxtaposition and a refreshing departure from tradition. Functional storage solutions are on the rise with custom cabinetry and are critical to keep the kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Backsplash tile offers another opportunity to experiment with color and texture to elevate the look of the kitchen. Consider a tone-on-tone style or textured backsplash in a matte finish for a subtle yet impactful detail.  Or, go bold with a geometric patterned tile to add a dramatic visual element to your space. Pairing a striking backsplash with neutral countertops and flooring creates a balanced look that feels modern and inviting.

Accents of gold or black in faucets, cabinet hardware or lighting are increasingly popular to add a touch of luxury and sophistication.  Incorporating multiple metal finishes can significantly enhance the design aesthetic, adding visual interest and breaking up the monotony of a single metal finish.  This approach adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the space.  For lighting, use a mix of functional and ambient lighting in your kitchen with LED lighting under cabinets and island countertops and with large-scale, statement island pendant lighting.  This combination provides ample task lighting for cooking and food prep while also creating a warm, inviting ambiance for dining and entertaining.

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