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Exploring Exterior Color Palettes for 2024 Homes

single family house with dark siding

February 9, 2024

The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors and passersby notice, making it essential to choose a color scheme that reflects your style while enhancing curb appeal. In 2024, home designs are moving towards a diverse palette of colors, offering homeowners a range of options to make a statement with their exteriors.

At Beechen and Dill Homes, we understand the importance of exterior color choices in creating a lasting impression. While classic neutrals like white, gray, and beige remain popular choices, we're seeing a shift towards warmer hues and earthy tones this year. Shades of brown, green, and khaki colors are emerging as popular options for adding character and charm to modern homes.  Check out our siding colors in Terra Brown, Dessert Stone and Prairie Clay. 

For those seeking a more contemporary look, sleek black exteriors are making a dramatic comeback, providing a striking contrast against natural landscapes and architectural features. Pairing black with metallic accents or warm wood tones can create a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic that stands out in any neighborhood.  If this sounds like your style, ask Natalie about our siding and trim colors in Cavern Steal, Midnight Shadow or Abyss Black. 

Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, Beechen and Dill Homes offers multiple options for exterior colors and finishes to suit your preferences.  Explore the latest design styles for exteriors and elevate your home's curb appeal. 

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