Award-winning Chicagoland homebuilder launches new division focused on luxury custom homes, Summit Signature Homes

Award-winning Chicagoland homebuilder launches new division focused on luxury custom homes, Summit Signature Homes


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news-articles-summit-signature-homesThe talented offspring of an established Chicagoland home builder, Matt Dill has always been awed by the way in which raw lumber and bricks could be assembled to create a home. “It’s the magic of homebuilding,” he says, and one of the many reasons he is ready to embark on a new generation of custom home design and construction with the launch of Burr Ridge-based Summit Signature Homes.

“I have always loved the challenge of design and architecture, and the cutting edge and innovative ideas you can bring to custom home design,” says Dill, who has spent many years as president of the family-owned Summit Signature Homes. “As interest in our custom homebuilding grew year after year, it seemed critical that we clearly define who we are and what we do. Summit represents the next generation for Beechen and Dill, and a new era for custom homebuilding.”

Now a separate division of Beechen and Dill, Summit Signature Homes will focus exclusively on luxury custom homes often concentrated on infill projects in Chicago’s thriving western suburbs. This will mean a number of new residential opportunities in long established communities with limited available land. This also means that Dill will be putting his developer skills to work into the boutique firm. “I feel like I can take the experience I received growing up in the business and in school in terms of management and streamline it into the creation of high end custom homes with a very organized process,” says Dill, who graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in business. “I always look forward to working directly with the homeowners to not only craft a plan but also turn their visions into reality.”

Of course, beginning a new company in a rather tumultuous marketplace can be a risky proposition. A self described “fanatic” of architecture and design, Dill says he refused to cower to perceived limitations. In fact, throughout the years, Dill has worked through his share of market conditions. After graduating from college, Dill took a position with Pulte Homes, one of the largest home builders in the country. At the time, the home building industry was at its peak. “It was controlled chaos,” he says. “We were delivering eight homes a month in the subdivision I was overseeing, and it seemed very normal to work at that kind of pace. Even though it was a little stressful, I must say it was a phenomenal experience. To be able to have hands-on experience with that many homes was priceless.”

In 2004, Dill returned to the family business, turning “farmlands into subdivisions” and taking the helm of the company that specialized in dazzling details at affordable prices. “We found it very important to include details such as archways or fireplace mantels seldom seen in more affordable home plans,” says Dill. “I have always looked for ways to have fun with architecture. Creatively, I am always looking for ways to push the envelope and to create something a little bit different.”

In terms of their quite unique client base, Dill says that getting to know one another before any hole is dug is key to building an appropriate home. “I want to know how they plan to utilize the home, whether that is in terms of entertaining needs or how many children they plan to have,” he says. “In turning vision into a livable reality, I actively pursue creativity and artistry, inspiring my team of architects and skilled craftsmen to fashion homes that are as distinctive as they are sustainable. A home, after all, is far more than bricks and mortar, woodwork and walls; it is a personal reflection of those who live inside, a collection of memories and history.”

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